datum 2009

16-03-2009 Monday

left Holland's 13 degrees Centigrade weather.
After passing the required baggage weight which is 30
kilos(mine was 28 kilos hurrah!) waved to Fred and Tjits

17-03-2009 Tuesday

Cathay was okey. Since i never/can't sleep on the plane,
watched all the movies available on board.You may choose
what films you wanna watch and when. Feels like home. I was
having MOVIE MARATHON!!! All the way to Cebu, total of 17
hours approx. From Benjamin Button to The Changeling etc.
PLUS my favorite showbiz t.v. programs - The E
When the plane landed Cebu, my eyes were tired and showed
dark circles around them just like an areola. But hey, i
have to look my best. My good friend Judith is picking me up
and I know from experience she will be filming me. Ran to the
closest Restroom and did some make up and voila - A Star Is

18-03-2009 Wednesday

Got rested. Looking and feeling my best. The game is ON.
For a change there was no karaoke entourage this time.
Judith and I did some serious jobs - shopping at Ayala.
Bought sun block, sim card + load for my cell phone,
batteries, slippers, etc.
In the evening Jerry treated us to a nice Italian
restaurant. The food was superb the waitress was effecient
the atmosphere Italian.
When the battle (eating) was over I rated it 9...but I
think the waitress' skirt is extra short. Dinner was top.

19-03-2009 Thursday

Today is the family-seeing day. I have to be fit. Not only
physically but also mentally.
Upon arrival, there was no great band as warm welcome. I
learned that Nestor and the rest were still in Pooc doing
the last minute-work of the house. Well, minutes became
hours AND HOURS BECAME...SHOPPING. Inday and I went to
Gaisano South Dept. Store where I used to work. Asked one of
the salesgirl if i may speak to the Iron Lady of the store
which is Esther.
M'aam Esther doesn't work here anymore, said one.
There goes my astronomic discount rate down to the drain.
Anyway, we ended up our day with sinigang na baboy,
sinugbang isda and ginisang talong at the Food Court.

Back at Ermita we opened the 3 and a half balikbayan boxes
full gifts.
The usual raffles, who wins what. In that way everybody
gets their fair share.

20-march Friday

Went to Pooc in 2 taxis, my nieces and nephews as
It was about 45 minute-drive from Cebu City. The road is
now called SRP meaning South Road Project.
Very nice. Took some video. Reached Pooc late in the
morning and was very happy and proud to see the
house/apartments. They are as i expected to be.
The other door has yet to be done. only the finishing

Together with 2 brothers we bought some furnitures for the
new house.
Beds, dining table, order some water dispenser, purified
water, garden chairs, wardrobe cabinet. Brother Nestor
brought the gas range the following day. Everybody had
something to do. Bought some groceries so we could eat.
It was fun, fun. There was that sense of unity in
everybody. I was glad. Oh yeah, saw Willem the real state  
magnate accidentally at Gaisano Tabunoc today. Told me his
condominium is almost finish and that he is going to invite
me sometime.
We had some chit-chat and agreed on calling each other
after this busy week.

21-03-2009 Saturday

Spent the whole day at home, Pooc then.
It was still hectic. Things had to be cleaned, piled up and
made ready.
Since it is my second day in Pooc, you can imagine how many
things we don't have yet like tadtaran(cutting board).
Nestor had to slice/cut the fish on my tupperware plate.
We only had 6 pieces of glass. So everybody had to wait for
their turn. We needed water boiler and a thermos bottle.

22-03-2009 Sunday

Made appointment with Judith and Gretchen about our
Dumaguete visit.
Dumaguete lies on the opposite island of Cebu. Gretchen
hails from Bayawan located in Negros Oriental. In order to
reached Bayawan we had 3 choices by plane or by boat or by
trucking to Dumaguete.
Packed my things that night and get ready for tomorrow.

23-03-2009 Monday

Gretchen was in panic. She came to fetch us at Dumaguete
And since there was no passenger on the plane and still no
sign of us..she went looking for us. Judith and I were
playing tourists. We took turns in taking pictures of
ourselves with those planes as background. The captain of
the plane even joined us.
Gretch was relieved upon seeing us. Gretch looked fine.
And there was this photo session again going on.

We went straight to one native restaurant owned by a
schoolfriend of Gretch. I ordered my faves. like kinilaw and
dinuguan and tinolang isda.
Gretch showed us the famous international university of
Dumaguete - The Silliman University. It brings back memories
of my loving mother.
She used to mentioned how she dreamt of going to Silliman
but to no avail.
My mother hailed from Negros too. Guihulngan, Negros

It was an hour and a half trip to Bayawan to Gretch's
The scenery was beautiful and green and clean.
But i was so tired i tried to take some nap.

to be continued.....
23/24-03-2009 Monday en Tuesday

We reached Gretchen's hometown Bayawan. A very progressive
clean city, cemented roads and plenty tuktuks. Gretch
house is on a prime area. In front of it is the City Hall,
250 meter further is City Hospital, grocery stores are easy
to find and small-scale businesses like carenderia and
ihaw-ihaw chicken bbq aroma welcomes you. Nice camaraderie
in its totality.
Gretch's family is quiet hospitable. Gretch sees to it that
we don't lost in translation(to borrow one of hollywood
films title.)
The house is big and beside it is Gretch almost finish
The fruit of her 9-year-stay in Holland.

Fruit-bearing trees surround Gretch's house like jackfruit,
cacao, cambodian mangoes, caimito, plus flowering plants
too. She made her own landschaping around house. What a

All we did is eat eat and eat wherever we go.
She showed us the longest boulevard in the whole
Philippines which is of course in Bayawan.

Went to Gretch's sister Jackie house. I have been there
before last 2006.
We eat again and talk and eat.

I got conscious with my very fair complexion. Went to
Bayawan's pharmacy, asked for a tanning lotion or anything
that will make me less stunning :-)
They don't have any. Coz, everybody here wants to be
They have skin whitening instead. I asked for charcoal.
They laughed.

On the eve of our departure to Cebu, we found a lechon de
leche(speenvarken) lying on the table. She was very tan. I
almost envy her.
She did find a tanning lotion for herself.

25-03-2009 Wednesday

Boarded the air-conditioned Ceres liner bound for Cebu.
In Dumaguete the liner took the barge with us inside and
crossed the water to southern part of Cebu - Bato.
We had a 15 min lunch break.
Judith and I looked for a nice rest. Across the road we saw
a carenderia.
We thought of going there but alas, beside it is a funeral
parlor with a nice coffin on displayed on its window.
We ran as fast as we can to the other side of the road.

Ordered some foods. The squid(inktvis) didnt taste fresh.
Judith complained. Told her we should have gone to the
carenderia across the road then we are sure that the meat
are fresh. They don't have to go far for fresh meat. It is
beside them. I bet they have fresh dinuguan(blood soup)

At around 4 o clock in the afternoon we reach our
destination Cebu.
29-03-2009 Sunday

a fraction of my direct family dropped by - a total of 80 people..
just kidding - around 20 - pediatrics and geriatrics.
nearby is the local beach. we went and they swom and i
and made pictures and took video scenes.

going back we passed a local tyangge(market)and bought
something for dinner. My sis-in-law prepared
soup fish) and i prepared chicken divine.
Sumptuous meals followed. And good news..they loved my
divine. I loved the linarang.

We were having fun that evening. All my teenage nieces(this  
me feel older) present that evening were rehearsing a video
clip of
"Poker Face".  I video again the finished version. All in all it
perfect to me!!! But the most important part of it, we were
having fun
fun and it was the most needed bonding  time with me and
each other.
Love to see them having a good time to remember years from

30-03-2009 Monday
Today, i went to the city on a motorcycle with my brother
The traffic scared me to death. Obviously, i survived it.
I am Gaisano Metro right now shopping for what to wear
graduation day of my niece and nephew. This Thursday is
graduation day again of my other nephew. I planned to bring
them to
a fine restaurant after graduation.

I bought some "panugons" also called presents :-) like tawas
t-shirts, nail polish, slippers and a duster.
The wonder of this mobile telephone is you can make
agree and disagree over something miles away. Well, my best
Fe and Judith agreed on going a trip to Bohol next week - to
> >
Chocolate Hills. I just wanna check if they really are
you look amazing with your hair or rather with your "no-hair".
Tell the barber i will sue him.
here is another update Fredje. Again, kindly forward them.
Monday naar Bohol. can't wait for my warm chocomel.

31 March 2009 Tuesday

It is graduation day for my niece Janine en nephew Vince.
They were in white toga. We came late en it was difficult to find
those. Blame it on the toga. Instead they found us. Good thing i
didn't wear my white karate get-up.

It started at 3 P.M. and ended at 7 P.M.
I was getting bored na. Politicians took the stage and delivered
their speeches. My sis Inday whispered, "there is an election
coming up, that's why!" "My god, tell them to do their campaign on
their own time not mine" as we continued dipping our
chicaron(uitgebakken spek) with vinegar.

01-04-2009 Wednesday

Jantine Wignand is a 9-year-old Dutch girl who yearns to make
children her age or younger happier in any which way she could.
She saved her school allowances and bought some nice
toys+school supplies for her fellow unprivileged children living in
another country.
She also happened to be my good friend's(Rowena)neighbor.
And that's how i came in the picture.

Today, Fe and I went to Pasil and visited the
underweight/malnourished kids. We distributed Jantine packages
and with the sum of money i also recieved from my officemate
with a little addition from me, I donated it to the children of
Sto.Nino Parish special for the malnourished kids of Pasil. It was a
tiring day but very rewarding.

02-04-2009 Thursday

Another graduation day and those politicians we saw last Tuesday
were again taking the stage with the same exact speech.. Good
thing i have my jigsaw puzzle with me.

03-04-2009 Friday

Today, Bimbim(my bro's daughter) delivered a baby girl named
Twinkle Bernadette. I have to rush them to the hospital..
click to enlarge
03-April-2009 Monday

Trip to Bohol calls for getting up reaall early.
My brother Nes brought me to the pier at 6 A.M.
Already were Fe, Yuri and son Jericho waiting for us.
Soon after we saw Judith trying to find her way in the crowd. Wow,
how can u miss her. She was wearing a flaming orange shirt with
Holland printed on it and a hat also Holland printed. She wanted to
go in style.
Coin fishers were already canoeing on the water.

The vessel Santiago de Bohol is a nice, clean and spacy.
Fe and Judith ordered some noodles..and we were reay for the
whole day.
We took a nap and two hours after we were already in Tubigon,
Hired a V-hire for 3T pesos. Mr.Driver was our Mr.Tour Guide too.
First stop was Sagbayan Peak. I made it to the top. The view was
breathtakingly lovely. Halfway was the Butterfly Dome. It was just a
small protected garden but nice and educational enough.

Then came the Chocolate Hills iterinary. My main goal.
If you really want something you have to work for it. This saying is
Because when we arrived, you just can't pick what you've came for.
There was this long steepy stairs, it almost touches the sky.
I had to do it..i wanted these chocolates.
Luckily there these "pause balcons" where you can catch you
breath for a while before you go to the next level.
Every pause we took(what else)pictures :->

Then we reach the top. The almost 8th wonder of the world is all
worth it.
I was so proud of myself that i have made it to Choc Hills.
Needless to say, the sight, the view is heavenly and you can't just
keep wondering how on earth they, these hills exist???
Why are they unique?? What was their real story that they kept
from us??
My friend Fe, told me, that sometime ago, she came across an
article was it on t.v.(nat.geographic) or magazine, that these hills,
this part of the world was one big basin. These hills were actually
under the water centuries ago. It sounds amazing and mysterious.
I guess we have something here to search/research or to google

The climax of the trip was Loboc Riverboat.
We had a ride on a riverboat and native buffet while our live band
was playing our song. Wonderful. There you will experience the
beauty of nature you almost thought didn't exist anymore. Children
laughing, swimming, boasting each other they can dive better than
the other.
I saw a one woman doing her laundry by de bank. What a simple
way of living. Who needs washing machine? We were surrounded
with towering green mountains. There were 2 waterfalls too.
The food being served was fresh and tasty. To sum it all up.. I had
the day of my life!

Then it was going home time. WE MISSED SANTIAGO!!! THE BOAT!

We got stranded in Tubigon. The only consolation was the
ever-punctual full moon. We walked down the boulevard looking
for dinner under the moonlight. The next trip to Cebu was at 12
The town was asleep except for a few bakeries open, there was no
ATM(geld automaat) in sight. There was this Ihaw-ihaw(barbecue)
corner, bought one whole chicken on a stick for P150(about 2.50
euro), hanging rice and pan de sal.

Hours later we went back to the pier and boarded Santiago. We
were already sleeping when it left the pier.
It was still very dark when we reached Cebu. We decided to just
stay on board till the break of dawn. At 6 AM our Santiago love
affair came to an end. We decided to separate ways. Judith, Fe and
I took off. And Yuri and Jericho did just the same. Took a taxi and
left the pier although with sleepy eyes but still we were an
experience richer.
I was still dreaming of my hot chocolate..hills.
07-April-2009 Tuesday

Suddenly i realized that my days in Cebu are numbered.
To be precised - just one more week.
Ohmigosh, i have to make things happen and faster!

Wednesday, i must see my niece's show together with The Velvet
Band at Sunflower Disco City.
Sunflower offers a wholesome entertainment where you can enjoy
the sounds of yesteryears and also of the present tunes. When
they played Designer's Music i stretched my legs. They stretched
their legs. Soon we were like teen-agers again dancing to the beat
of the disco music provided by Junalou. Yeah, that is my niece!!!!
And of course by the rest of the members of the band. We ordered
crispy pata, spicy chicken wings, calamares, even french fries etc.
We had a grand time. And we stayed till 2 in the morning.

Koreans, anywhere you look there are plenty Koreans roaming
around the place/city. They have their own restaurants, massage
parlor, KTV'S(video karaoke), supermarkets, apartments etc.

Thursday be checking the shopping malls for more
sinugatan(presents) like slippers, ensaimada, caronia nail polish,
tawas, papaya soap, magic sarap mix etc...and pictures of
Bohol+Dumaguete+Pooc have to be developed. It has to be

On the way out of the mall i came across a couple of display  
wherein they sell swarovski crystal jewelries. Those bracelets are
just adorable and they are not even expensive so i bought about a
dozen for my friends back home. I bought "Cebu" t-shirts too.

11-April-2009 Saturday

Today is bonding time. Children of my bro's and sis up to age 9 are
heartily welcome to come along to children's playground down the
mall. My bestfriend Fe and son, Jericho came along also.
Went to park mall but were required to wear long-sleeved shirts
and a pair of socks. Those shirts cost P350 a piece. And if you
come with a batallion of kids you better do just NOT that.
So we went further to SM city shopping mall. They only required to
wear a pair of socks.
 note from Oom Fred : And That's All You
Wear >???
Off we go!!!
The kids had a time of their life. Did they try all the amusement
machines?? Yes, they did! To complete it all we went to Jollibee.

On the way back home they all dozed off..sleeping like angels.
Heerlijk, what a rest!

12-April-2009 Sunday

Judith fetched me up in Pooc, Talisay. My bags were all packed up.
After those heart-breaking bye byes with my family and friends
Judith and I proceeded to where else the SM city. There we met
Fe, Yuri and Hannah(teen-age daughter of Fe and Yuri and my
godchild). Judith wanted to treat us to a nice lunch. We could not
decide where. Would it be the food court? But i have been there
much too often. Chinese? Naah! Thais! i shouted and that was
unanimous. Tom Yum soep is a must. That evening though i was
still full,Judith and Jerry treated me to Magellan's landing, an euro
pub and restaurant. We ordered 2 grilled lapu-lapu (fish) and
sizzling tangigue (great fish).
What if i am going to tell them i am extending my stay till  
Wednesday, what will i get for tomorrow on my plate? Hahahahaha!
Well, Thank you Jerry, thank you Dith! I really enjoyed my stay with
you guys.

13-April-2009 Monday

I don't have to fly till 8 o clock this evening. What is left on our
agenda? We had enough time to go swimming at Bahia Beach
Resort. And we did. What is nice with Bahia is that it is such a cozy
place. It is not that big though. They have this sea water running
into their pools. It is not that commercialized as the rest of the
resort in Mactan. It is such a relaxing place. And it is suitable for
kids too.
Jerry and co. go there regularly to play cards and in between take
a dip in the pool. That way they maintain their tanned-look.

Judith told me that there is a karaoke machine at the other side of
the pool. I can't believe it. You can't struck your luck twice but we
just did.
We went and soon the whole pool were listening to our version of
ABBA, The Carpenters, Neil Sedaka etc. Alas, we ran out of P5
(5Peso) much to other people's relief.

It rained that evening. And that reminds me that it had rained too
when i arrived. But in between of my stay, it was hot and sunny
and dry.

This has a familiar feeling for me. When my mother was still alive
she cried watching me returning home and cried seeing me
leaving. But in between we had wonderful moments catching up
each other's stories.
Could it be?... well, i got the message mom. I miss you too.
departure Schiphol - Tjits
brothers Nestor-Junior
sister Vivian
Donations for the financial less fortunate
Dumaguete - Negros Oriental
tuin Gerrit
Miss SwimSuit Edition 2009
floor 12 - Condo Willem
POOC - location Margie Palace